Super Cub Upgrade to Spektrum DX6

This weekend I upgraded my HobbyZone Super Cub R/C plane to use the Spektrum DX6 radio. I started by tearing out all the proprietary HobbyZone electronics. This includes the big black box (which is a receiver and speed controller), and the slow, huge ParkZone servos. To replace them, I used two of the four servos […]

Super Cub on Skis

I bought a pair of Dubro snow skis from my local hobby shop and strapped them on my R/C Hobbyzone Super Cub today. We got about 6 inches of snow yesterday and I took to the flying field today. I was only able to get up in the air from a rolling (or sliding) take […]

2nd Flight of the Super Cub

After repairing my Super Cub from my first crashes, I ventured onto the flying field again today, this time with the help of an experienced veteran flier, Michael Torrie. Thanks to Michael’s help, the experience was almost totally positive. I learned to land! I also got some much needed practice at controlling my turns, rolls, […]