Maiden Flight (and Crash) of the RC Tiger Moth

My friend Steve (who has appeared on this blog before) took his newly built GWS Tiger Moth R/C plane out for its maiden flight today after about 15 hours assembling it. His very first flight lasted only 4 seconds, and resulted in disaster. After hand-launching it, the plane climbed at too steap of an angle, and ended up stalling and falling straight to the ground. It hit so hard that the fuselage and both wings snapped. The propeller shaft was embedded several inches into the ground, and both blades of the prop broke. Apparently the center of gravity was too far toward the plane’s tail, causing it to nose up, and stall. I think it’s fixable, but it’s still a hard hit on the man’s morale. Good luck fixing it Steve!

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  1. I like how you left the video running during the whole post analysis.

  2. I wished I had kept the camera on the plane though. D’oh!

    The problem turned out to be the center of gravity. It was about 2″ too far aft. Among other problems, potentially. Steve finally bought a GWS SlowStick instead. A much easier flier and build!