Parkzone Habu Walk Through

My new Parkzone Habu ducted fan jet arrived in the mail this week. I put it together and provide this walkthrough for the benefit of those who have not yet purchased their Habu (hint: just do it). Stay tuned for the flight report in a couple weeks. Parkzone Habu Walk Through from djsmith on Vimeo. […]

Fancy QSlider Stylesheet

Seriously. I don’t know how I ever created a Qt user interface without using stylesheets. This was, by far, the best idea Trolltech ever had. For today’s show-and-tell, I give you a nifty-looking QSlider with some nice gradient style applied to it: The handle has a nice hover effect, the bar has a moving gradient […]

Qt Layout Squashing

I’ve encountered this problem a handful of times over the past few years using Qt’s layouts. Qt generally does a great job making sure that your Windows cannot be resized too small such that your content would be truncated. However, it seems that introducing a QStackedWidget causes a problem. These two screenshots illustrate the issue: […]