Parkzone Habu Walk Through

My new Parkzone Habu ducted fan jet arrived in the mail this week. I put it together and provide this walkthrough for the benefit of those who have not yet purchased their Habu (hint: just do it). Stay tuned for the flight report in a couple weeks. Parkzone Habu Walk Through from djsmith on Vimeo. […]

First Person Video on a Shoestring

Today my friend Cliff showed me his first-person video R/C airplane: This thing has every feature imaginable, which means it packs a lot of wires: Here’s a video tour of all its features, which include the following: Auto fly-home if control is lost (uses GPS) Heads up video display of altitude, heading, and pitch RF […]

R/C Stryker Slope Glider

I finally took my newly built Stryker to the slope for some unpowered slope gliding at Ensign peak in Salt Lake City, Utah. I built the Stryker with these parts: Stryker Fuselage from ParkZone A tiny 2-cell LiPo battery Two cheap servos A cheap voltage converter I did not put a motor on the Stryker […]

ParkZone T-28 Trojan Motor Upgrade

If you want to give your ParkZone T-28 Trojan unlimited vertical flight for under $30, today is your lucky day. Just head over to, and pick up one of these Turnigy 35-36C motors. Here’s what you’ll need to do the upgrade: The new motor (duh) A Phillips-head screwdriver An everyday drill and an ordinary […]

ParkZone T-28 Maiden Flight

Finally a successful maiden flight! Here are some post-maiden photos of my T-28 Trojan from ParkZone. This tiny dots to the right and left of the cockpit mark the Parkzone recommended center-of-gravity (2.5″ back from leading edge, measured 1″ out from the fuselage). I moved it forward by about 0.5″ and it flew better. On […]