Apple Win, Dave Fail

I’ve been enjoying looking down my nose at the world ever since getting my Apple iMac, but today my haughty soul was humbled by a personal fail. I bought some more RAM to upgrade it. The RAM works fine. I tested it in my Dell laptop. The iMac, however, rejected it like an English queen […]

Ditching BAStats

For several years I used BAStats on my blog to get visitor statistics. It gave me nifty info like which Google searches lead people to my blog. After a a few years, my blog pages started loading very slowly, annoyingly slow, and I finally tracked it down to BAStats (using MySQL’s “show processlist” command). The […]

Example Qt Chat Program

A few months ago I gave a presentation to the BYU Unix Users Group on Qt GUI development. During the meeting, we created a simple chat room program called chatterbox. At the time I promised to post my source code with comments, a promise on which I am now making good. Here is the code. […]