Flight of the Yak

I put together a $22 Hobby Lobby Yak 55 Profile this week, and it’s great fun. This is by far the most aerobatic plane I’ve flown. Here’s my power setup: Kit: Hobby Lobby Yak 55 Profile Motor: EMax FC 28-22 from HobbyCity Prop: 9×3.8 APC Slow Flyer from Some Dude’s Hobbies Speed Controller: 30 amp […]

Easy Glider maiden flight

I finished the Easy Glider today, and took it out for its maiden flight. Here’s the setup: Motor: Tower Pro 2908-10 brushless ESC: Tower Pro 30A Battery: Hextronik 2200mah 20C Prop: 9×4.5 (will upgrade to a folding prop later) Servos: Hextronik 9g servos Radio: Spektrum DX6 with AR6000 receiver The plane took a little longer […]

RC Stryker Maiden Flight

With winds gusting to 15mph, I took my new R/C plane, the Stryker, out for its maiden flight. If you’ve been following the build log (part 1 and part 2), you already know that it’s outfitted with a Tower Pro 2409-12 motor, a Blue Arrow 30A ESC, an 8-cell NiMH battery (9.6V), and a 7×6 […]

RC Stryker Build Log: Part 2

I finished my Stryker RC plane today. The only thing I had left to do was mount the motor, which I am very pleased with. I decided to use the stock motor mount with a very small adaptation to mount the Tower Pro 2409-12 motor that I bought from unitedhobbies.com. I used a technique I […]