Easy Glider maiden flight

I finished the Easy Glider today, and took it out for its maiden flight. Here’s the setup:

  • Motor: Tower Pro 2908-10 brushless
  • ESC: Tower Pro 30A
  • Battery: Hextronik 2200mah 20C
  • Prop: 9×4.5 (will upgrade to a folding prop later)
  • Servos: Hextronik 9g servos
  • Radio: Spektrum DX6 with AR6000 receiver

The plane took a little longer to build than expected, mostly because I ordered the non-electric version so I had to dig out lots of foam to accommodate my battery and motor. I had a hard time fitting all the servo cables under the canopy, so I flew without it the first time. Here’s what the plane looks like:

When I launched the plain, it flew up at about 45 degrees without any sign of slowing down. I was impressed. After an altitude of about 100 feet, I killed the motor to see how it would glide. I must have pulled back too much on the elevator, because the left wing stalled and it started to roll over. Experience taught me how to handle this, so I let the nose fall down to get some airspeed, and rolled out of the stall. Then, I decided to climb a bit, and that’s when the firewall tore loose of the foam. Fortunately, I had put a layer of packing tape over it to double secure it to the fuselage, so it didn’t fall out of the sky. I was able to pilot the plane down with no problem. Any maiden flight with a good landing is a good flight, and this was no exception. I came down with spoilerons, and I’m not sure I could have come down in time without them. I would have overshot my runway by a factor of about 3.

I’ll post some video later.

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  1. Hi!

    Nice airplane. I was thinking of buying a glider as well, since on guy in the local club took me flying one (rc of course). He had student-radios (if you know what I mean?)

    And this wasn’t very expensive either :)

    Can you tell me how much you paid for it, and where you bought it? Thanks

  2. Ok, thanks Dave
    I found out the local shop has this plane, but they sell everything so expensive :(

    Oh well, I will save some money because someone in the club told me I could borrow his remote if he isn’t training students on plane. So I could save money for my own remote while borrowing his :)

  3. Nice, I got myself a new airplane as well now, Dave ;)
    It isn’t a glider, but a fuelplane. And it’s a kit as well, so I got to build it myself but I guess that’s just fun – at least it’s just fun so far and I’m almost done with the elevator

    It’s a plane called “Nobler” (kit) from Top-Flite

    Two images of it:

  4. I got a sailplane as well now :D
    It’s a Spirit 100 kit

    2,5m wing span hehe