The Formosa Lives

I was able to finally get my GWS Formosa back in the air today. This time I was smart and setup dual rates on my ailerons. I have them set to only move 40% of full when I put the “Ail D/R” switch at 0 on my radio. That saved my bacon! The plane is a lot easier to fly like that. This flight, I noticed that the plane wanted to roll left hard. This is probably because I didn’t dial any thrust offset into my motor when I re-mounted it. I tried trimming in the air, but decided to land and do the trimming on the ground because I could see that it was going to be more than a few clicks. On the landing I came in a bit too bumpy and broke my prop. That’s when I realized I had forgotten to bring any spares. Oh well, the next flight will have to wait a day! I’ll hopefully have some good flight video next time.