First flight of a gas powered R/C plane

Today I visited the Jordan River Modelport on a whim to see what was going on during the holiday. I was surprised to find only a single flier there, named Micah, which I got to know as I watched him pilot his 62″ .60-sized 4-stroke gas plane. What a great bird! He was a very aggressive flyer pulling out all the stops at low altitudes. With such a beefy motor he had unlimited climb, and he made use of every bit of it.

On his third flight, he handed me the controls. Boy was I nervous, but I pulled off an aileron roll, snap roll, and even an Immelman maneuver. Great fun! There was more wind than I would have dared fly my Super Cub in, but this plane handled it like it wasn’t there. A great day at the flying field!

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  1. http://Stan%20%20OKC says: -#1

    Watch out… those glow and gas engine birds will start your hand dipping into your pocket book…!!! Then you will have to start attending those meetings where you get up and say; “Hi.. my name is Stan and I’m a RC junkie.”

    Since me finding your blog when I first bought the HZ SuperCub way back when.. the hanger around here just keeps on growing. And believe it or not… after all this time… and all these planes… I finally, and actually, flew the SuperCub last night for the first time. It was one of those VERY rare Oklahoma evenings where there was absolutely no wind at all. Took two battery packs (8.4v) with me and flew both of them absolutely empty. Had 4 rolling take-offs… and 4 good to great landings. Actually 5 take-offs and landings since one of them landed to far away for me to want to walk. So I just took the last uummphh of that battery and made a short flight circle and brought it back to me. I’m old and lazy you know.

    Since the rebuild of my old 1971 Falcon 56… then buying the SuperCub during that time-frame… it has become a (my wife will attest to this!) virtual plane factory around the house. She just LOVES all those wings setting around her China cabinet. Counting the two above… there is now a 69″ KMP Taylorcraft with a Evolution .46… a 64″ World Models Super Frontier 40 with a Evolution .45… and now a 80.5″ Giant Big Stik with a OS 1.60 waiting on the bench for birth. These are in combination with (now) two Spektrum DX7 systems. One the Heli version… and one the Airplane version… and a TON of DS821 servos and flight battery packs. It’s all that cursed Ebay’s fault…!!!

    And this is not counting the two E-flight Blade CX2 helicopters that zoom around the livingroom each night bugging the dog to death. DO NOT get one of those… they are very addictive…!!!! And there is no cure known to medical science at this writing.

    Now I just need that Hanger 9 80″ J-3 PiperCub with the Evolution .46 and I should be cured…. I hope… I hope…

    Somebody stop me….!!!