First flight of a gas powered R/C plane

Today I visited the Jordan River Modelport on a whim to see what was going on during the holiday. I was surprised to find only a single flier there, named Micah, which I got to know as I watched him pilot his 62″ .60-sized 4-stroke gas plane. What a great bird! He was a very aggressive flyer pulling out all the stops at low altitudes. With such a beefy motor he had unlimited climb, and he made use of every bit of it.

On his third flight, he handed me the controls. Boy was I nervous, but I pulled off an aileron roll, snap roll, and even an Immelman maneuver. Great fun! There was more wind than I would have dared fly my Super Cub in, but this plane handled it like it wasn’t there. A great day at the flying field!

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