Book Review: Treading on Python

Treading on Python by Matt Harrison provides a basic introduction to the Python programming language for programming novices. Background of the reviewer I have been writing code professionally for 10 years. I’ve spent most of my time in C++, but I’ve written a handful of small Python scripts (less than 100 lines) and a couple […]

Cocoa Noob Pitfalls

I just finished writing my first iPhone app. I have a background in Java, C++, Python, and a smattering of other programming languages on Linux and Windows in both embedded and desktop environments, so that hopefully explains my brain damaged context. Here are the pit falls I stumbled upon while climbing up the Cocoa learning […]

When faster is actually slower

This is a follow-up to my post on code optimization. Today I did some experimenting with hashes and binary-search-trees, specifically playing with QHash and QMap in C++. According to the Qt containers algorithmic complexity documentation, QHash provides “significantly faster lookups” than QMap. Your intuition may confirm this, because you’ve heard that QHash uses a constant-time […]

How to optimize your code

Disclaimer 1: This post was influenced heavily by my good friend, co-worker, and Haskell hacker Evan. Disclaimer 2: Unless otherwise noted, I am completely making up terms in this article. I pulled them right out of the ether. Don’t expect to find industry conventions that agree with me. Bob is a fictitious developer on my […]