Linode: 7 years of awesome

It just ocurred to me that I’ve been using Linode as my hosting provider for 7 years this week. I’ve been so happy with their service that I thought I’d offer a review.

The top 4 reasons you should consider Linode for your hosting needs (I’m sure there are 6 more reasons, but I’m time limited today):

Reason 1. Automatic Upgrades

Every year or so, I wake up to an email from Linode telling me I can have more disk space or RAM on my server. Adding it is super easy: just login to their web site and click a few buttons. Today I’ve got 490 MB of RAM and 16 GB of disk, and I’m still only using their least expnsive option.

Reason 2. Huge Internet Speeds

Linode servers have great Internet connection speeds. I regularly get over 50 Mbits/second.

Reason 3. Customer Service

The Linode support team is very sharp. They know what they’re talking about, and they are very helpful. This is more than can be said for many other support organizations. I’ve only needed to open a support ticket a cople times, and on both occasions, the Linode support staff responded within an hour and gave me all the information I needed, not only to solve my problem but to prevent my problem from happening again in the future

Reason 4. Cost

At $20/month, Linode is very affordable for what you get: Full root access, nearly any Linux distribution you want, lots of RAM and disk, and good CPU speed (my Linode has 4 CPUs).

After 7 years, I very highly recommend Linode as a Virtual Private Server hosting service.

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  1. I have not tried it out but if its doing a great job for you…perhaps i may consider switching to Linode

  2. Are you currently hosting multiple domains or just the 1?
    I currently use Hostgator with multiple domains but it is not the fastest for loading.
    I also have a single domain account with Tsohost which is very quick but has restrictive space and bandwidth.
    It is so difficult to get an honest review or even an honest opinion from a user.

  3. Neil, I host 2 domains using Apache 2 (well 3 if you can’t the SSL version). I get fewer than 1,000 unique visitors per day.

    My Linode is the cheapest version, and it is plenty of horsepower for my traffic. Pages load nice and quick, even semi-intense dynamic pages like WordPress. At this point I have 20GB of disk space, which is ample for my needs.

  4. Thanks Dave.
    I might check them out before my problems become too large to migrate which is a byproduct of apathy.

  5. http://Clint says: -#1

    I have to second that recommendation; I’m not as long-standing a customer as Dave (I will not hit 7 years until November), but I agree with all his points. I even got hacked once (that’s what I get for not enforcing strong passwords when I let friends have accounts on the server) and ran up HUGE overages before I realized it. And I emailed them and asked if there was something they could do, and they credited the whole amount back to my account.

    And I also host a few domains (at one point I was hosting 3 separate but small sites), and have found it to be great, despite also having the cheapest option.

  6. http://chalapathirao says: -#1

    this is good for someting

  7. I emailed them and asked if there was something they could do, and they credited the whole amount back to my account.

  8. I came across this and thought I would comment. I am into year three with a Linode host and I must agree, they are an exceptional organisation. The cost is reasonable, their documentation and the Linode library is just magnificent and their support which I have only ever had to use twice is outstanding. The only other company I can liken to Linode’s customer service ethos and perception of quality is Amazon – way to go Linode…

  9. Hi there we been hosting with godaddy , the support is crap from the couple of interactions we have had with them. I am not the most OS geeky of people but, I think it time to start getting out of my depth. Thanks for the heads up will be booking an account with these guys in the next 10 mins.

    Use the force…..

  10. I moved from HG to Linode some time ago, support is outstanding like you said and they are constantly improving their hardware and architecture, free upgrades are regular and unannounced so always enjoy opening up emails from them.

    two thumbs up from me.

    Paul :-)