L-39 R/C Jet on the way…

Spring is in the air in Salt Lake City, so it’s finally warm enough to get back into R/C flying. To that end, I ordered the new Electrifly L-39 electric ducted fan (EDF) jet. It’s getting great reviews, and I’m excited to fly it. I’ve read that the stock brushless motor is underpowered, so I’m looking into motor upgrades. I’m considering the HXT 2040 4850kv from HobbyCity.com, which ought to be a bolt-on replacement for the Ammo 3500 inrunner the plane comes with, but I’m worried it won’t give an appreciable power boost.

Stay tuned for more info, but in the mean time, check out this video of the L-39 flying with a pair of F-27 Strykers (which I have also built and flown, if you follow this blog):

And here’s the official Electrifly advertisement for the L-39:

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  1. Looks great!
    I also bought a ducted fan plane

    The Sapac F-22 without receiver and transmitter

  2. http://Anonymous says: -#1

    I love my L-39 but it does need more power for takeoff. But still is a nice plane and I will be installing a larger motor to see how it works.