The Economy Stinks. We’re Hiring.

Taking a break from computer science and model aviation for the moment, I want to make sure my readership (both of you, not counting my mother) is aware that my company is currently hiring software developers. I know that many developers in the Salt Lake City area have recently found themselves on the job market. I also know that new job opportunities have slowed significantly. Although I take a more optimistic view than most, I readily admit that times are harder today for developers than they were one year ago. Despite the current state of the economy, my company is doing extraordinarily well. If you are looking for work, and you would enjoy working on a small team of engineers solving problems of national and global importance, then this may be the job for you.

At my company, we build the world’s most advanced signal processing systems. Developers here tend to get intimately involved in projects from the early idea stage all the way through delivery. You won’t be an insignificant cog in a massive corporate machine. Although we tend to have a small company feel, we have big company stability and benefits. Our Salt Lake City office of 60 people is actually a satellite office of our California-based headquarters, so we have all the best medical benefits afforded to larger companies, and yet we still maintain that small company feel: no office politics, no bureaucracy, no pigeon-holing, just pure engineering at its best. We have been very fortunate for the past couple years, and now we have more revenue coming in than we’ve ever had before.

As for experience and requirements, I won’t mention the specific technologies we work with since the only real job requirement is that you are smart and get things done. You’ll pick up the job-specific knowledge you need once you start working.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to email me your resume:

I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Ummm? I have no idea WHAT you are writing about. I feel like I am in junior high again with me permed hair, glasses and braces. Duh!

  2. Dave,

    Why don’t you blog about how much you love Facebook now?

    Your paintbrush and stirring stick,