General Conference Podcast Updated for October 2006

I’ve updated my LDS General Conference podcast to include the most recent conference, October 2006. If you are already subscribed, you don’t need to do anything. Your podcasting software (like iTunes) will automatically download the latest conference sessions. If you want to subscribe to the general conference podcast, just paste this link into your podcasting software:

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  1. Dave, thanks for making conference available via podcast. I’m wondering if you are considering (or know someone who is) setting things up so that we can get other meetings as well? By this I mean the Relief Society/Priesthood/YW broadcasts.

  2. If you point me to the mp3 files on the web, I will setup a podcast for each broadcast you are interested in. I for one want to hear Priesthood session, but I don’t think the Church will ever post those audio files. Let me know!

  3. http://Kalburt says: -#1

    whats up dave i have no idea how to get the general conference thing im just stupid though ha ha ha well im looking forward to klondike i hope we can go and i hope i can get alex to go