Best. Support. Ever. Apple wins a customer

Last Saturday I turned on my iPod nano to discover that about a third of the horizontal lines were solid white, obscurring the volume bar. I was momentarily devestated that my black beauty had broken. In desparation I googled “apple ipod support” and came to the iPod support page. I didn’t have a lot of hope for the outcome, but I filled out a couple forms anyway. Saturday night (yes, the same day, on a weekend no less), I got an email from Apple saying that they would replace my iPod for free. I was happy, but skeptical. Could it be that easy? And free? That never happens with online returns.

On Monday, a box arrived with prepaid DHL shipping label. The included instructions told me to stick my iPod in the box and send it back to Apple. This is the kicker: Apple even included strips of packing tape for me to seal up the box. Amazing! Not only did Apple spring for the shipping costs, but I didn’t even have to come up with my own tape. Total cost to me: $0.00.

On Friday, my replacement iPod arrived, and I’m listening to it now with all my old tunes loaded. Painless, free, fast. Apple got it right.

Apple: This is my first positive support experience from an online purchase. I never had to wait on hold, never had to even dial my phone, and you covered shipping. That’s the way it should be. You’ve won a customer for life.

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  1. http://Randall%20Smith says: -#1

    Good on Apple! I am glad that they made the product return easy. Their forms and process for new product rebates are a little harder. I am sure that they want to discourage fraud while disseminating hundreds of dollars on a computer purchase, but they also achieve the collateral benefit of not having to pay everyone who buys a new computer. Otherwise, why not just take the discount at the point of purchase?