Thoughts on Global Warming

This gentleman proposes a thought-provoking argument in favor of spending resources to stop global warming. I believe I may have found the hole in his argument. The hole is this: It starts with one assumption: Resources are limited. Now consider dozens of problems with 2×2 grids like the one in this video, and apply the […]

GWS Formosa Maiden Flight

Today was the maiden flight of my new GWS Formosa, which I have now dubbed “The Rocket.” This plane flies fast and rolls fast. It rolls faster than the frame rate of my camera, so you can barely tell when it’s rolling. I would estimate it can do about 3-4 rolls per second. My first […]

WordPress 2.0

I just installed WordPress 2.0. It went without a hitch. All I had to do was download the tar.gz, copy all the stuff in my old WordPress ./wp-content/plugins directory to WordPress 2.0’s plugins directory (same location), and copy my old wp-config.php file. Then I just visited ./wp-admin/upgrade.php and it was done. That’s it. It appears […]