Communication Between Directives in AngularJS

Warning: This article is long and thorough. If you’re in a hurry, you can skip straight to the final product here: Prerequisites to this article Before reading this, get to know these AngularJS terms. You don’t need too much depth, but you need to know what they are: Directive Scope Controller Injecting services into […]

Compiler vs. Interpreter

What’s the difference between writing a compiler and writing an interpreter? Easy: Writing an interpreter is like reading an instruction manual and performing the steps. Writing a compiler is like reading an English instruction manual, translating it into German, and handing it to a German person to execute the steps.

The Code Quality Continuum

What does it take to write high quality code? Here’s a little table that I use to judge my own code quality: Future axes to add: Ratio of the initial development cost to the long term maintenance cost Code testability: Code can be manually tested, code can be tested with automation, code can be tested […]