Linode: 7 years of awesome

It just ocurred to me that I’ve been using Linode as my hosting provider for 7 years this week. I’ve been so happy with their service that I thought I’d offer a review.

The top 4 reasons you should consider Linode for your hosting needs (I’m sure there are 6 more reasons, but I’m time limited today):

Reason 1. Automatic Upgrades

Every year or so, I wake up to an email from Linode telling me I can have more disk space or RAM on my server. Adding it is super easy: just login to their web site and click a few buttons. Today I’ve got 490 MB of RAM and 16 GB of disk, and I’m still only using their least expnsive option.

Reason 2. Huge Internet Speeds

Linode servers have great Internet connection speeds. I regularly get over 50 Mbits/second.

Reason 3. Customer Service

The Linode support team is very sharp. They know what they’re talking about, and they are very helpful. This is more than can be said for many other support organizations. I’ve only needed to open a support ticket a cople times, and on both occasions, the Linode support staff responded within an hour and gave me all the information I needed, not only to solve my problem but to prevent my problem from happening again in the future

Reason 4. Cost

At $20/month, Linode is very affordable for what you get: Full root access, nearly any Linux distribution you want, lots of RAM and disk, and good CPU speed (my Linode has 4 CPUs).

After 7 years, I very highly recommend Linode as a Virtual Private Server hosting service.

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