Make and the ?= operator

The GNU crew improved Make with lots of handy stuff. One such gem that I found today is the ?= operator, which only defines a macro if it is not already defined (like as an environment variable). It behaves almost like wrapping the assignment in ifndef. John Gramm-Cunning has a good explanation of this subtle […]

Python: Uptime script

I’ve been writing Python for a grand total of 2 days. I recently wrote a little Python script to print a Linx or UNIX system’s uptime. This took about 10 minutes to write, so I was pretty pleased. It even runs well on a 75MHz Busybox embedded Linux system. Check it out: One interesting thing […]

Python Sockets: Clean, Concise

I was recently pleased to find an excuse to code some Python for the first time. I am impressed. Python doesn’t feel like other programming languages. When I write Python I feel like I’m just telling the computer what to do, rather than constantly worrying about essoteric language issues. What I mean is this. While […]

C: Power of 2 Array Sizes

I just picked up a 10-year old copy of O’Reilly’s Practical C, 3rd Edition from the library for some light reading. Mostly, I just wanted to see if I would learn anything (as a guage of my own C proficiency). I’m glad to announce that I learned almost nothing, until, that is, I read page […]