Nifty Log Watching Command

Have you ever wanted to watch all the logs in /var/log and sub-directories on your Linux box? Well, I have, and normally I just use tail -f *.log, but that doesn’t work because some log files don’t end in “.log”. Furthermore, you can’t use tail -f * because some of the files can contain non-printable […]

Qt Stylesheets

I’m a new convert to Qt’s stylesheets. They make customizing your Qt GUI much easier than other methods (like QPalette). Recently, I responded to a request for comments from Trolltech, and I thought my fellow GUI developers might be interested in it. These are my humble suggestions to Trolltech for improving Qt stylesheets: I use […]

Using QRect with QHash

In Qt 4.3.3, I found myself needing to use QRect instances as a key in a QHash. However, Trolltech provides no qHash() implementation for QRect, so I implemented this one, and I think it ought to cover the most common uses of QRect. What do you think? uint qHash(const QRect &rect) { uint code = […]

How to Conduct a Good C++ Phone Interview

I’ve interviewed dozens of software engineers, mostly to fill positions involving C++. I’ve also interviewed for about a dozen positions involving C++ and lots of other technologies and languages. I thought I’d share some good on-the-phone interviewing techniques for the interviewer for C++ positions. Before you read this, you shoud know that my interviewing technique […]