WordPress 2.0

I just installed WordPress 2.0. It went without a hitch. All I had to do was download the tar.gz, copy all the stuff in my old WordPress ./wp-content/plugins directory to WordPress 2.0’s plugins directory (same location), and copy my old wp-config.php file. Then I just visited ./wp-admin/upgrade.php and it was done. That’s it. It appears […]

Python: Uptime script

I’ve been writing Python for a grand total of 2 days. I recently wrote a little Python script to print a Linx or UNIX system’s uptime. This took about 10 minutes to write, so I was pretty pleased. It even runs well on a 75MHz Busybox embedded Linux system. Check it out: One interesting thing […]

Python Sockets: Clean, Concise

I was recently pleased to find an excuse to code some Python for the first time. I am impressed. Python doesn’t feel like other programming languages. When I write Python I feel like I’m just telling the computer what to do, rather than constantly worrying about essoteric language issues. What I mean is this. While […]

LDS General Conference Podcast

New Please visit the new LDS General Conference Podcast page. The rest of this info is old. Older Info Below The LDS church makes its general conference sessions available as downloadable MP3s, which is great, except my iPod treats them as songs. I prefer for it to treat them as podcasts so that I can […]

C: Power of 2 Array Sizes

I just picked up a 10-year old copy of O’Reilly’s Practical C, 3rd Edition from the library for some light reading. Mostly, I just wanted to see if I would learn anything (as a guage of my own C proficiency). I’m glad to announce that I learned almost nothing, until, that is, I read page […]