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Important: As of October 2011, this podcast now is just a redirect back to the podcast on iTunes.

About this Podcast:

Have you ever wanted an easy way to get the LDS General Conference on your iPod? If so, I’ve setup a podcast just for you.

How do I get the podcast?

If you’re using iTunes, you have two options:

  1. Search the iTunes podcast directory for “lds general
  2. Or click the menu “Advanced”, then “Subscribe to podcast…”, and paste this in:

If you’re using other podcast software like amaroK, gtkPod, or Juice (formerly iPodder), just use the URL above. If you run into trouble, just leave a comment or email me.

How does it work?

The LDS church makes its general conference sessions available as downloadable MP3s, which is great, because my podcast simply tells iTunes how to download the conference sessions as mp3 files directly from the LDS web site. Then, iTunes puts the mp3 files onto your iPod.

Why a Podcast?

I like to listen to General Conference podcasts for two reasons:

  1. iTunes automatically puts the newest conference sessions on my iPod every 6 months. I don’t have to do a thing
  2. If I pause conference on my iPod, and then listen to some other music, when I come back to the conference session, it picks right back up where I left off.

How far back does it go?

The podcast includes conference sessions as far back as April 2004. Prior to that, the Church didn’t make the audio archives of each session available in mp3 format. As the archives become available, I’ll update the podcast to go back even farther.

68 Responses to “LDS General Conference Podcast”

  1. Matt Cheever Says:

    Could you set me up a feed for each of the individual General Conference talks instead of each session?

  2. Dave Says:

    Sounds like a lot of work.

  3. Jill Says:

    Do you have any idea how to get other languages of conference onto the iPod- like Samoan for example. You can listen to it online, but it’s a SUPER basic media player that doesn’t give any options to save or download it.

  4. Dave Says:

    You could try using ASFRecorder to download the stream from, and it will save it to your computer.

    You just right-click on the little “16K” audio button on the top-right of the Gagana Samoa page, and choose “Copy shortcut” or “Copy link location”. Then open ASFRecorder, and click File -> Open URL… Then hit Control+V to paste in the shortcut.

    It should download and save the conference for you to your computer. I haven’t tested it, though, so good luck!


  5. Matt Cheever Says:

    Do you create the feeds manually (i.e. typing in each field) or is there software that extracts info from the ID3 tag? Your show description says that the podcast is updated automatically. Does that mean you automatically do it after each conference, or do you have a script/software that does this? Your source code said that the xml file was created in VIM. I’m assuming that this is the updated UNIX VI editor.

    Sorry for all the questions. I just like to listen to the sessions as individual talks, but I would like to have it in a podcast format so that I can get the benefit of having it start up where I left off and easier download/cataloging. If there was a way to automate or semi-automate the creation of a “conference talks” podcast, I would like to try and do it, but I don’t know much about podcasting/rss feeds/xml. I’m pretty computer literate, but no very web programming literate.

  6. Dave Says:

    I update the XML file manually after each General Conference. I looked into writing a little program to pull out the conference talks, but the HTML on is not very computer friendly, so I just opted to do each session manually in my XML file. And yes, I used Vim, the world’s best editor.

  7. Matt Cheever Says:

    Thanks for the info. Starting with your XML code, I’ve begun a feed that lets me download the individual talks. I’m currently listening to the April 2006 talks, so this is where I began the feed. Eventually I will expand to make it current.

    One question, your XML file has a “length” flag. I’m assuming that this refers to file size. Did you have to download each file to get this data, or is there a way to extract it from the church web site?

  8. Dave Says:


    Yes, the length field refers to the size, in bytes, of the MP3 file, and yes, you must download each MP3 file in full before you can know the length. That’s just the way the the Church’s web server is configured apparently.

    If you would like me to host your XML file on this web site, I’m happy to do so, if you’ll keep it up to date, and send me revisions as conferences happen. I’ll even get it listed in the iTunes directory for you if you would like. You’ll be famous! ;)


  9. Dave Says:

    Thanks for providing this podcast. I am missing Oct 07 Sunday PM, is it missing from the podcast or is it just me?

  10. Dave Says:

    I just answered my own question. I unsubscribed and re-subscribed and the sunday session showed up. Sorry for the bother!

  11. Michelle Glauser Says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m trying to figure it out in German, but after I downloaded ASFRecorder, I got stuck. It downloads in a zipped file, and when I got to unzip, there are a bunch of files and none of them does anything. Maybe it doesn’t work for MacBooks?

    Other suggestions?

  12. Dave Says:

    The German conference sessions are posted as mp3’s so there’s no need to use ASFRecorder. Just go here and click on the little “mp3″ icons to download each session:,5239,23-4-853,00.html

  13. Michelle Glauser Says:

    That works to bring up conference, but it doesn’t download it to my computer so I can put it on my iPod. I have to be online to hear it.

  14. Dave Says:

    Those are mp3 files, which are exactly the same kinds of file that this podcast uses. All you have to do is right-click on the mp3 link and select “Save as” and choose a place to save it on your hard drive. Then, go into iTunes and select “File” -> “Add File to Library…”. Choose the mp3 file and you’re good to go.

    After that, the next time you sync with your iPod, the German conference session will show up right on your iPod, no need to be online. This podcast basically does those steps automatically for you, but you can still do them manually.

    Good luck!

  15. Will Says:

    Thanks muchly Dave!
    As a new member of the church I’ve spent the last month collecting all the LDS audio I could to listen to at work

    I’ve spent the last 3 days absolutely DREADING having to downloading these files individually!


  16. Brent Says:

    I subscribed to your the LDS conference podcast but the only session that it will download is April 8 Sunday PM session. How do I get all of the April 2008 sessions?

  17. Dave Says:


    If you’re using iTunes, there is a setting under Edit, Preferences, Podcasts that lets you tell iTunes to download ALL new episodes of a Podcast, instead of just the newest one. Enable that setting and you should be good to go.

    Alternatively, click the little “GET” button next to each conference session and it will download that session.

    Good luck!


  18. Will Says:

    Hey Dave,
    you seem to be missing April 08 Sunday AM

    I unsubbed and resubber but it’s not there
    it’s 404ing
    check your link maybe?

  19. Jarrett Says:

    The Church’s i-tunes podcast link is just missing the .xml extension so if you want to use the Church’s podcast that seperates the podcast into INDIVIDUAL talks click here:

    Does anyone have old conference talks setup in individual talks?

  20. Jesse Says:

    It looks like the mp3 files are available for 10/08 conf.,5239,23-1-947,00.html

    Could you update your feed for us? We love it btw.

  21. Dave Says:

    Okay, October 2008 conference is posted.

  22. Josh Says:

    Has anyone created a feed that is divided into individual talks and songs, instead of one continuous stream?

  23. Dave Says:


    Yes, the church has put up a podcast now that has all the talks separated:


  24. Paul Says:

    That is Awesome Dave, thanks for the info

  25. Jeff Says:

    You seem quite seasoned in podcasting and I’m very new to it. I was wondeirng if you could answer a question: I’m trying to subscribe to a video podcast of the Oct. 2008 conference. I saw a link and tried to subscribe to it ( –
    but it wont bring up anything to download in my itunes -it leaves an error message. Am I doing something wrong? is there a specific sequence to subscribing and getting video of GC on my ipod?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide,

  26. Dave Says:


    It looks like your link got the last three letters capitalized somehow. These links are case sensitive, so try this one instead:

    That link worked for me. Good luck!


  27. Cleve Friedman Says:

    Is your podcast of general conference audio only or is the video there too?

    I want to hear and see general conference on my itouchl. Can this be done?

    How? Thanks

  28. Dave Says:

    My podcast is audio only, but I imagine it would not be hard to make a video version, provided the Church publishes videos that can be viewed on your iPod Touch (which I also have). I’m not sure if they do, though. I believe that, normally, to view a video on the Touch, the video has to be in Quicktime format, which I don’t believe the Church uses.

  29. MormonKid Says:

    It will be great to have General Conference on the ipod. Thanks for the info.

  30. npk_techguy Says:

    Thanks for your efforts in doing this. Makes it really nice when on the road.

    I see that the Priesthood sessions are available as mp3s. Will you be updating the podcasts to include those? Can you go back a couple of years?


  31. Dave Says:


    Actually the Church does not publish the mp3 files for the Priesthood sessions. Sorry ’bout that.

  32. Geoff Says:

    I’m very grateful to have the podcasts to put on my iPod. Unfortunately, several of them crash my iPod, causing it to reboot. Does anyone know how to fix that?

  33. Darlene Bennett Says:

    If a session has already been downloaded, will the computer recognize this and not duplicate it? (I’m 79 and not very computer literate.)

  34. Dave Says:

    Darlene: Yes. It should only download sessions of conference that it has not already downloaded.

  35. Steven Says:

    Any plans on adding the priesthood sessions? I see that the individual MP3’s for at least April ’09 are now on Thank you for providing this great service – it makes it nice to be able to go by session.

  36. Dave Says:

    Thanks Steven for pointing that out. Previously, the Priesthood session MP3s have not been available. I’m adding them now.

  37. Dave Says:

    Steven, I was able to add Priesthood sessions for April 2009, October 2008, and April 2008. Farther back than April 2008, there aren’t MP3 links on the Church’s site. Thanks for the tip!

  38. npk_techguy Says:

    Thanks for getting the priesthood sessions added to the podcast. Sorry that I wasn’t clear about it earlier.

  39. npk_techguy Says:

    I had added the links for the mp3s in a reply post back in the summer but I see now that it didn’t go through, or wouldn’t go through because the links were part of it.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  40. Tom Says:

    Thanks, this is great.

  41. Brittany Says:

    So I am subscribed. It looks like it is automatically uploading the Oct 09 PM session. How do I get all the other sessions, all the way back to April 04? Thank you so much for doing this. What a great way to share.

  42. Brittany Says:

    I keep getting errors while trying to download things from 2004. I guess I will see what all is not available when it is done at which point I will pass it on to you.

  43. Dave Says:


    If you are using iTunes, it has a “Get All” button that will start downloading all the sessions. It will take a while. :)

    Yes, definitely let me know which sessions give you errors. I have downloaded them all, but things could have changed on the church’s side since I did that. Thanks!


  44. Bruce Says:

    Can I download the VIDEO streams of GC to my iPod? If so how?

  45. Kate Says:

    I have subscribed to the Mp4 versions of general conference for the past year and loaded them onto my Ipod Touch without problem, but all of a sudden I cannot get the October ’09 (which I can watch on my computer) to load onto my Touch. Any suggestions?

  46. Jared Says:

    Kate I too have the same problem.

    Oct ’09 conference Mp4 will play fine on the iTunes player but won’t let me add them to my iPhone. Error message says “it won’t play on this iPhone”. If anyone has an answer I would be greatful.

  47. Dave Says:


    The video file is probably in the wrong resolution (i.e., number of pixels tall and wide) to fit on the iPhone. You probably need to “transcode” it into the iPhone resolution. Try using Hamdbrake on your Mac to do that.


  48. Sarah Says:

    Hi Dave

    Thanks for these podcasts, they are great. But I can’t find the General Relief Society one… is it missing?


  49. Melody Says:

    Thank you. I was wondering how to get talks to my iPod. If you don’t get on your blog anymore maybe you won’t get this question. But there’s a chance that you still look at your comments the way I do mine, though mine isn’t updated either ( Anyway, Where do I go if I want non-conference talks? Like Sheri Dew talks and stuff?

  50. Dave Says:

    Melody, though I don’t know for sure, I’d be surprised if they are not available somewhere on Have you looked there?

  51. Brett Says:

    Thanks! This is going to help me a lot!

  52. Landon Says:

    Any idea how to get October 2010 conference podcasts to work on an android phone? I downloaded it on my computer and it plays fine in Itunes but when I move it with a micro sd card to my phone it won’t play.

  53. Greg Says:

    Thank you for doing this!

  54. Char Says:

    Thank you for your help, I followed your instructions but the October Conference did not appear on I tunes. Any help would be apapreciated. I’m new to this i-touch world.

  55. David Says:

    I have subscribed to your podcast and I have downloaded all with the exception of October 2006 Saturday AM & PM and also Sunday PM session. I get the following error.

    “stopped (err = 404)”

    Any suggestions?

  56. Dave Says:


    Thanks for the info. There are actually 3 broken links (Saturday AM and PM and Sunday PM). It turns out that it’s the Church’s fault. I’ve sent them an email with the problem, so hopefully they will fix it soon.

    Thanks again for the info!


  57. Kathy Says:

    My son is in Richmond Va on a mission and would like me to download April 2011 General Conference on his Ipod touch. He will have no way to use a computer for a pod cast so how do I download it as a video or audio for his library?

    Thank you for your help

  58. Dave Says:


    It turns out that Podcasts are actually audio. So if you subscribe to this Podcast using iTunes, and then connect his iPod to your computer, iTunes will transfer the General Conference audio files to his iPod Touch automatically, even if he doesn’t have access to a computer. I assume you are going to mail him the iPod Touch?

    Good luck!


  59. Chris Kline Says:

    Dave, are you still publishing these on iTunes (or did it shift somewhere else and your URL is still referenced)? If so I noticed that the Sat Afternoon session (complete) didn’t get posted with the rest of them. I’m looking for the whole collection. :-) Thanks for doing this. It’s a great service.


  60. Dave Says:

    Chris, I forgot to mention this, but I actually redirected my podcast to the Church’s official podcast. When you subscribe to my podcast, you are actually subscribing to this one:

  61. Rod Says:

    Dave…I had the same problem as Chris did…no Saturday Afternoon session as a complete packet. I downloaded the session directly from the Church but it cannot be placed into my podcast library.

    Do you have a contact point for me to inquire and ask that they bundle the Sat. Afternoon session?


  62. James Carroll Says:

    Brother Smith,

    Looking for one-click download of all conference text. Official PDF Podcast [1] hasn’t been updated since Sept 2011. Another option is the Ensign PDF podcast [2]. Are you aware of a simple way to download all the text of Conference without waiting for the PDF to be compiled? I suppose I could use DownThemAll, but I’d rather get the PDF podcast working…



  63. Sheryl Says:

    I subscribed as instructed above and the only thing that came up was one song from the Choir. What did I do wrong.

  64. Patrice Says:


    I am purchasing a 4th generation I touch Ipod this week and want to down load conference talks to listen to while I am driving. I only need the audio portion of it. I do not have a data plan on my phone or the new I pod. Will I be able to play the conference talks without internet? I have tried to down load the talks and save them to my hard drive but they do not save they just stream. I am not computer smart. I have tried to right click on them as directed by the site. They say to right click and than click on “save target as” but when I right click I only get save link as. Help.

  65. Dave Says:

    Yes, that should work. Just use iTunes.

  66. Patrice Says:

    So once I load or subscribe to the podcast and place them on my desktop computer, than load them onto my Ipod I will not have to have an internet connection to play the talks? I can play them while driving around in my car without the internet? Right?

  67. Dave Says:

    Yup, that’s exactly what podcasts are for. Millions of people do that everyday, including me.

  68. Patrice Says:

    Thanks so much for your time, talents and energy helping out so many of us.
    Thanks again,

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